A cancer doctor once shared that it is a miracle that a human being can even be born without something going wrong. Think of it this way, you take 2 cells and by the time a baby is born there are over 10 Billion cells. That is a lot of division taking place. The idea that each cell will replicate itself accordingly is the miracle.

There are many types of Leukemia which is a Greek words for "white" and "blood".

One type is Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, sometimes called Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, or ALL is a type of "blood cancer" that forms inside the bone where there is the spongy substance called bone marrow. The bone marrow is where many cells are made, especially new blood cells.

The body is simply amazing!!

When cells are reproduced in the bone marrow, they then travel into the bloodstream and know exactly where to go and what their job is in order for the body to function properly. Every cell has a purpose. When these cells are created they are called “immature” and then develop into a functioning cell. All immature cells are potentially cancerous, because at that moment in time, they have no purpose. The body is designed to function at a very high level, so when a cell does not develop properly, it has the potential to become a cancer. 

What is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL?

Leukemia is a white blood cell mutation that causes the immature cells to multiply, leaving no room for the other healthy cells to develop or function properly. The mutation of these cells are called “blasts”. Since white cells are used in the body to fight infection, these immature cells multiply at a very rapid pace.

By the time a child is diagnosed with ALL there may be a trillion of these immature white cells or the child will have what is called Leukemia. Depending upon which cell chooses to remain immature depends on the type of Leukemia the child will have. Since there are many types of cells, the child will usually have only 1 type, such as T-Cell. There may be other cells involved, which makes that case more complicated.

By the time most children are diagnosed with Leukemia, their bodies are already in a state of crisis.

Having access to state-of-the-arts medical care is critical for the outcome of a cure.

One treatment used is a bone marrow transplant. The idea of receiving a bone marrow transplant is another miracle. The Doctors figured out that if clean cells were inserted into a person by way of a blood transfusion, those cells would go to where they are needed and begin doing the job they were assigned to do. This procedure usually takes several weeks to know whether or not the cells infused are doing their assigned job.

Although, the doctors still do not understand what makes the body begin these mutations to cause Leukemia; through research being done, the knowledge is advancing on how to combine chemotherapy along with additional therapies to improve the outcomes.

ALL is the most common of the Leukemia with over 3,000 children being diagnosed each year in the United State. The ages range from 0 to 19 years of age.

In 1981, the success rate to live for 5 years was approximately 35%, depending upon many factors.

Today, in 2021, the success rate of a cure and a long life is over 90%!!