2021: Grayson Celebrates 5-Years Cancer Free

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(Photo credit: Stacey Steindberg)

 5 Years Cancer Free!!!

When Grayson Irwin was 11 months old, he was diagnosed with T-cell leukemia. He was treated according to a Children’s Oncology Group clinical trial supported at the University of Florida by Stop Children’s Cancer. Grayson remained full of energy throughout his leukemia treatment. 

Now an energetic 8-year-old, Grayson celebrated his 5-year anniversary of being cancer-free! Dr. Bill Slayton traveled to Grayson’s hometown to celebrate with him.

Grayson 5 yrs old

Clinical trials have improved the treatments for T-cell leukemia patients, and now more than 90% of these children are cured. Grayson is alive today because of discoveries made through clinical trials.

For 11 years now, Stop Children's Cancer has been supporting several clinical trials at UF Health. These clinical trials are vital to finding cures for childhood cancers. In 2010, Stop was funding two clinical trials. Today, the average number of trials is 55 to 65.

As you can imagine, there is a mountain of paperwork required for each clinical trial. Stop Children's Cancer has contributed over $1,650,000 over the last 11 years directly to clinical trials for childhood cancer treatments.

Because of your generosity to Stop Children's Cancer, we are seeing lives saved and successful treatments becoming standard practice! 

Ongoing efforts continue, so further leading-edge treatments in clinical trials advance. Additional funding is critical to finding cures and life-saving measures for childhood cancers. If you are interested in helping children, like Grayson, in our community who are suffering from cancer, please consider a donation to Stop Children’s Cancer.