Lyrics for Life / Stop Children's Cancer Jeffrey A. Block Research Award

Dr. Paul Castillo: Developing personalized targeted immunotherapy for T-cell Lymphoma & Leukemia

In 2019 & 2020, Sister Hazel's Lyrics for Life Foundation continues their partnership with Stop Children's Cancer by funding the research of Dr. Paul Castillo.

An Engineered Antibody Targeting the T-Cell Receptor

He is working on developing bi-cistronic (BITE) antibodies that bind to the malignant T-Cells through a specific portion of the T-Cell Receptor. Because of the T-cells central role in orchestrating an immune response, it is critical to find a way to find the cancerous T-Cells without affecting the healthy T-Cells that are part of a normal immune response. The BITEs that Dr. Castillo is engineering are designed only to target the cancerous T-Cells and leave the healthy cells alone.