Stop Children's Cancer / Bonnie R. Freeman Clinical Trials

Dr. Gigi Moore-Higgs: Manager of Pediatric Clinical Trials

Dr. Moore-Higgs and her team, with their meticulous attention to detail, ensure all Research Clinical Trials are implemented safely. Trial documentation is very labor-intensive to comply with Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations. Supporting the Clinical Research Team enables the doctors and researchers many possibilities.

There are multiple trials being conducted that enhance the care of children in our community. Stop's clinical trial funding benefits our children by a) providing new medications for children who relapse and have very few treatment options; b) finding better methods of supportive care and chemotherapy-related side effects; c) supporting researchers to develop their new ideas; and d) supporting the time it takes for physicians to partner and collaborate with others.

Trials that Stop has supported have led to improved prevention, control and cures of childhood cancers.


In 2007, the Department of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology at the University of Florida College of Medicine had 2 Research Clinical Trials open. Stop Children's Cancer grants have supported Dr. Moore-Higgs and her team, and now, over 71 Research Clinical Trials.

Stop Children's Cancer Funding History

In 2007, the Medical Advisory Council of Stop Children's Cancer suggested investing in Research Clinical Trials. Understanding the importance of sustaining and ensuring the continuation of these life-saving Trials, by 2022, Stop Children's Cancer will have invested $2,250,000 to strengthen the success rate of curing childhood cancers. See History