Stop Funds $1,200,000

In 2017, Stop Children's Cancer completed a 7-year pledge of $1,050,000 to support Research Clinical Trials.

In 2018, an additional 5-year pledge of $1,000,000 was awarded to continue supporting Research Clinical Trials ($750,000) and funding much needed research in the field of Osteosarcoma and Sarcoma ($250,000). 

In 2019 & 2020, Sister Hazel's Lyrics for Life Foundation continued their partnership with Stop Children's Cancer by awarding $100,000 over 2 years ($200,000) for T-cell Lymphoma & Leukemia.

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Kimberly H. Flaitz

Stop Children's Cancer / Kimberly H. Flaitz Research Grant

In 2018, A Stop Children's Cancer Research Grant ($250,000) was awarded to Dr. Matthew Cascio to continue developing a tumor vaccine for Osteosarcoma.

In 2019, the Board of Directors renamed this Research Grant in memory of Kimberly H. Flaitz, who passed away in 1996 from Ewing Sarcoma, a particularly aggressive form of Bone Tumor.

Although Kimberly was not cured from this dreaded disease, the important work being done will have a lasting impact on her legacy.

Bonnie R. Freeman

Stop Children's Cancer / Bonnie R. Freeman Clinical Trials Fund

Funding Dr. Gigi Moore-Higgs and her team to oversee vital, life-saving Research Clinical Trials ($750,000) ensures the Trials run safely.

By supporting this team, the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Florida College of Medicine is able to continue participating in multiple Trials occurring simultaneously.

These Research Clinical Trials include supportive care and better treatments for chemotherapy-related side effects. Additional investigative trials and are showing great progress and success. (Learn More)

Jeffrey A. Block

Lyrics for Life / Stop Children's Cancer Jeffrey A. Block Research Award

In 2019 & 2020, Sister Hazel's Lyrics for Life Foundation continues their partnership with Stop Children's Cancer by awarding $100,000 over 2 years ($200,000) to Dr. Paul Castillo. He is developing personalized targeted immunotherapy for T-cell Lymphoma & Leukemia.

Through the years, Lyrics for Life Foundation has graciously donated more than $500,000 to Stop Children’s Cancer to further our mission. 

The platinum-selling band, Sister Hazel formed Lyrics for Life Foundation, with lead singer Ken Block.

Unfortunately, in 1989, Ken’s younger brother Jeffrey passed away from T-cell Lymphoma. This significant research carries on Jeffrey's memory while finding cures!

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Stop Children's Cancer monitors all donated funds to ensure the direction of our supported research programs.

You can be assured Stop Children's Cancer is a responsible steward of your donations.

Name a Fund, Grant and/or Award in honor/memory of yourself or someone else by donating $25,000 or more to one of our ongoing programs.

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